Of the one hundred biggest restaurant chains in the US, three out of the five fastest growing are chicken concepts. The chicken sector has been the number one category in the fast food business by purchase consideration.

With controlled labor costs and efficient food costs, our revenue model is easily underwritten. Additionally, our streamlined design and sales per square foot ease the challenge of obtaining startup financing. Finally, with our focus on women and people of color owned franchises, we identify the lending institutions aligned with the goal of closing the racial and gender gap

With Tiffany’s success in the culinary world, national recognition as a top chef, and appearances on Bravo’s Top Chef, Chopped Junior, and Bar Rescue, along with Tom’s business understanding and legal expertise, we launched Roots Chicken Shak to bring our duck fat fried chicken to everyone.

We designed a streamlined back of house that is both financially and operationally efficient.

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